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Finding new and unique ways to feed America.

What We Do

For centuries, scientists and alchemists have tried to turn lead into gold.

At MetalMisers, we've managed to turn lead into bread, copper into carrots, farm equipment into macaroni and cheese... even cars into cans of tuna.

Is it magic?

You bet!!

It's the magic that happens when people like you open their hearts and  help people in great need. 

Monetary Support

We accept gifts thru this website and thru other means to raise money for groceries that we purchase and deliver to local food pantries.  Since any gift we receive is tax-deductible, we write a receipt.

Our "How You Can Help" page shows the many ways we raise the funds necessary to further our cause.
We ask the food pantry what they need the most and go out and buy it for them.  We never provide cash to any organization or food pantry; only goods to be distributed.  It's called cutting out the middleman.

In many instances, we pledge that 100% of any monetary gift will go entirely to buy food and necessities for those in need.  No operating costs, gas or equipment expenses, etc. will ever be taken out of a monetary gift without the donor's permission. 

We can also supply items that people cannot get with food stamps, yet need badly;  such as soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, detergent, diapers, etc.. 

Imagine life without those items!!

Non-Monetary Support

So why are we called MetalMisers? 

We collect metal scrap of any kind , write a tax-deductible receipt for the contribution, and turn it in for cash to use to buy more groceries.  Because we can help so many people, we really are misers when it comes to metal scrap. 

Each time we see metal scrap picked up by some local metal scraper, we think of how few people that load is going to help and how many people it could really help in our hands.  

We separate, disassemble, organize and classify all the metal we collect to maximize its cash value when sold.

We use our buying power to purchase large quantities of groceries at great prices!!  We can buy by the pallet-full from major manufacturers.  Imagine a pallet full of mac and cheese or breakfast cereal delivered to a local food pantry.  We can do that!!

What do we accept?

Farm equipment
Vehicles of any kind
Anything made with any metal or having metal parts

We can place large barrels in businesses such as auto repair shops that generate metal scrap.  Then we empty those barrels periodically.

We can schedule a pick up at your home.  Just give us a call.  

So don't just throw or give away the metal scrap you have.  Call us and allow us to make the most of it.