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Finding new and unique ways to feed America.

How You Can Help

Our organization accepts help in many forms.  From monetary gifts to scrap donations to asset donations (cars, trucks, vans, trailers, buildings, etc.)... to simply telling others about us.

Shop online at our Super Mall.

There are over400 stores and millions of items to choose from. 

Each time you enter one of our stores, using our SuperMall, and make a purchase, the store will give our organization a portion of your purchase. 

It doesn't cost you any extra to shop thru the Mall, but it enables us to help others even more.

Click on the spiderweb below to check it out.

Your monetary support can be processed thru the most secure and safest site online.  It's easy!  Simply click on the icon below.

If you are not comfortable giving online, please call us.  We will be happy to accommodate you in accepting your gift.


You can also contact us to place a container at your place of business to collect metal scrap generated there. 

When you get your car repaired, the repair shop is required by law to return all the old parts to you, except for cores.  Tell them you want to donate them to MetalMisers.  That includes engines and transmissions.  We'll pick them up.  Encourage them to get a container from us if they don't already have one.

We challenge local businesses to help make a difference in the community that supports them by supporting our cause.

You can call us to pick up any metal items you wish to donate and we will make arrangements to do so (most likely on your garbage day).


On occasion, we have items up for bid on eBay.  This link will take you to see what we are currently offering.