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Finding new and unique ways to feed America.

Dreaming Big

Imagine a multi-million dollar charity run by ONE person.  Sound far fetched?  Hardly!!! 

It means the lowest overhead costs of any charity in the world.

It means more of every dollar goes to helping hungry Americans.

Here's how it works:

With our SuperMall, we can take in millions.  And it is all automated.  Donations go directly into a bank account. 

Then we order food, in bulk, directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped to our distribution partners all over the country.

Each one takes donated food and distributes the food to each of the food pantries in its operating area.

One person can, and does, easily manage the paperwork involved in all transactions.

Think about it!!

You shop online like you always do thru over 400 stores in our SuperMall.

A portion of every purchase comes to us to help hungry Americans.

We buy food in bulk (pallets at a time). 

We have a ready-made distribution system already there for us to use.  At NO cost to the charity.

Hungry Americans get the much needed help they require.

How much easier can it get for you to help and for us to pass that help along?

We are a well-oiled machine; ready, willing and able to stamp out hunger in our country.

All we need from you is to do what you do anyway; shop online.

If you have never shopped online before, check it out.  Our SuperMall really has everything!!!  And each store has it's security credentials there for your inspection.