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Finding new and unique ways to feed America.

From Our Founder

For some people, living from meal to meal is an everyday occurrence.  And, rather than ask how they came to be that way, we ask ourselves what can we do about it.

Do we turn a blind eye?  Or, although we have little ourselves, do we share with these people to help bring them out of their present state; to sustain them and their families, even if it is for one more day?

I am sure you recall a time when you may have gone a little longer between meals than you should have.  Now imagine coming home to an empty frig and cupboards every day.

Too often help is sent to strangers in other countries, while our community suffers as a whole for the suffering of its' members.

Food pantries throughout our community provide much needed sustenance to those who need it.  Plus, people are treated with dignity and compassion.  They are allowed anonimity.
And since it isn't something that people talk about, you never know who may be relying on local food pantries to stay alive.  A friend?  A family member?  A neighbor?

We urge you to take a few moments from your busy day to look into what we do to help.  In many ways, we have a very unique and creative solution to an ever-growing problem. 

Then decide to help in any way you can.  In some small way.  In a large way.  It all adds up.

Without the help of local food pantries, I am not sure I would be here now; trying to give back to those who helped me during more dire times in my own life. 

Thank You

Jon Hartman